About Us

Svetlana Rakhman brings a new meaning to trend. Combining her passions for Russian history and jewelry, the longtime business woman turned jewelry designer, created a modern interpretation of the Russian nesting doll, that can be worn by any generation. A Russian Dolls by Svetlana set consists of a trio of nested dolls and a matching silver chain. Wear the trio of pendants in one or separately on one chain. Each doll is handmade with a silver body and enamel face and belly. The diamond, sapphire or birthstone eyes and belly not only sparkle, but also hint at the additional treasures inside.

Russian Dolls stands for luxury, quality and, above all, the highest level of customer service. Russian Dolls caters to the modern customer looking for elegance, exceptional quality and customer service and customizable options. Russian Dolls has established itself as the standard for quality and would like to continue to build on this reputation.